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Eco-Responsible Vaper
Become a conscious vaper concerned with the environment and ecology

Indications to become an

Eco-responsible vaper

Becoming an "eco-responsible vaper" we mean that you would become a conscious vaper and concerned with the environment and ecology. Having positive attitudes and care in this regard, managing NOT to affect the environment through our behaviors, we turn these principles that we will learn into customs and culture of vaping on a day-to-day basis, influencing other vapers to become an "Eco-Responsible Vaper".

​The traditional cigarette once lit through combustion generates smoke, the smoke contains chemicals that pollute the air. The traditional cigarette smoker causes diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, heart disease, etc. Smoke also affects passive consumers (third parties).

The vape does not generate smoke but steam and is harmless to passive consumers (third parties), the steam contains low levels of chemical substances and practically does not affect the environment unlike the smoke generated by traditional cigarettes.


Principles followed by an "Eco-Responsible Vaper"

The principles that will be cited a little below are the set of rules that are part of the ethics of the Vaper (vaper is called the person who practices the consumption of vaporizers)

These principles are manifested and come true in our culture, way of being, thinking and when making decisions, they refer to the practice of good as an end.

•    If we make good use of the device, the useful life of the battery increases, therefore it will reduce the amount of lithium ion batteries thrown away.

As a priority, make good use of the device to make the battery last longer.

•    Do not leave the device charging all night because what will happen will reduce the useful life of the battery.

•   Rechargeable pods could be used on some occasions since they are not for single use and disposable, so it would take longer to finish the battery and throw it away.

•    Acquire liquids with a higher content, 50 to 100 ml, without having a large monthly discard of jars for liquids.

•    If we buy a flavor that we didn't like for some reason or we don't like it after consuming it, we could make some responsible decisions regarding the long-term effects on the environment if we throw it away incorrectly. We could give as a gift to someone in our environment who vapes since their taste is not the same as ours, maybe they like it and end up using it, we could mix it with other liquids, giving it a different touch when it comes to the vaping experience.

•    In the event that we must throw away the e-liquids, it is essential not to throw them in places where we can contaminate the water, or garbage cans, since the liquid could spill and contaminate the soil.

•    At the time of throwing away the liquid on a sheet so that it absorbs and we can throw away the plastic pot in the corresponding garbage can.

•    Bottles of e-liquids are mostly made of plastic (soft material, squeezable plastic, transparent) and take this data into account when ruling out that they are made of plastic and throwing them in their corresponding trash can.

•    Vape users concerned with the environmental impact are who we consider "eco-responsible Vapers", if you are in the process of transferring from the traditional cigarette to the vape, these principles cited above will provide you with information to live the vaping experience consciously.

•    Discarding batteries that are normally highly toxic in a conscious way, would be creating a battery disposal routine, whether it be vape or pod batteries, storing used batteries and disposing of them in specific places for these batteries or batteries, in a container away from the sunlight and out of temperature variations keep at home that will serve as a storage for used batteries and batteries once full we can take it to the local municipality where they collect electronic waste or an institution that carries out a community campaign where they receive batteries or batteries and discard consciously.

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